A collection of quotes from the main wiki that come from the original Dino Attack RPG.

Kotua CrisisEdit

"No creature deserves that."
— Dromus
"Haven't you heard that not all Brickster-Bots are evil? That not all who are destined to be villains become villains in the end?"
"Shall we dance?"
— Glide
"From what I've seen today, you're just a small fry."
— Gojira to a Mutant Lizard
"You know, Hyrode, I'm almost the same age as you and I don't do stuff that, um... I can't decide if it's brave or idiotic."
— Rev Raptor
"Is this thing recording? I hope so... cause this is gonna be this reporter's biggest accomplishment!"
— Mathias
"Then why do you keep that dino with you? Don't you like humanity?"
"Of course, but it's completely tame, though. Don't you think I would have killed it otherwise? I mean, what's the point of killing a tame creature other than mindless death?"
— Kotua and Rev Raptor
"Well, usually, I'd call you a showoff-y 4+ Figure, but you saved my life and waited here till I woke up, so I'll pardon that."
— Rev Raptor to Sereve
"It's always like this, isn't it? Every time you see me, you run to the Silver Scorpion like a scared kid! Because you can't fight without it!"
— Phantom to Rex

Future VillainsEdit

"Silence! Of course, if thee destroy just the Mutant Dinos, then the world would be safe. But that Dino Attack Team would get all the credit! So, if thee attack the team, and kill them, then thee would get credit!"
"But why would thee want the credit?"
"Imagine. Why take over Morcia with those nasty pesky knights to foil thou... when all of Castle Cove could be so grateful for thou saving them that they could give thou the entire Castle Cove to rule! Huh?"
— Fladek and Vladek
"So, what's our plan?"
"To bring her into her worst nightmares!"
— Evil Ogel and Fogel
"Think about it. Save the world from the Dino Attack, and they might give you an award. For example... all of the world's treasure!"
— Fssinister to Sam Sinister
"At first, I didn't like having robotic arms and legs. They had to be oiled and all that jazz. But, they became quite useful. The legs help me run faster than Pepper's pathetic skateboard, and with my flamethrower, I never went to jail again!"
— The Frickster
"Whoa! This headquarters is actually a giant airship!"
"So, going out the door before it lands is just like hopping off a plane, without a parachute, and missing the mattress factory by a mile."
— Rex and Phantom

Dino Island LaboratoryEdit

"Wow, Chompy actually said "please". Must be pretty serious."
— Rex
"And plus, very few Dino Attack agents had gone to Dino Island, so it was probably a perfect place to set up a secret base."
— Chompy on the Dino Island Laboratory
"Such bad behavior. And, as one knows, bad behavior does not get rewarded. It gets punished. And the punishment... is usually painful, is it not?"
— Dr. Rex
"My true name is Dr. Ronald Alexander, but everyone here knows me as Dr. Rex. Not too long ago, I discovered a formula from one of Ogel's scrapped plans. When I saw that... I really don't know. I think some voice or another entered my head, but suddenly I knew that Minifigkind was doomed to destruction, one way or another. However, if we had waited it out, they would destroy this very planet! And worse, since already they've wrecked havoc on other planets, such as Mars, Xalax, Ice Planet, or Planet U. Soon the entire universe would collapse, if something wasn't done. I decided that the best way to stop the destruction of the universe is to return it to as it was in the, as the legendary Bahrag would put it, in the time before time."
— Dr. Rex
"I've done enough evil. Especially since my life had no other purpose then. But now... Now I have a purpose. I've been enlightened."
— General
"What are you doing here, Pirate? I thought everyone was sent to Antarctica for their own safety."
"... except those that be wanting to join yer Dino Attack team. Avast ye! Ye be looking at a sea dog who be wanting to join yer Dino Attack team! I be an old bilge rat, but I be still a good fighter."
— Frozeen and Greybeard
"Dr. Rex has kept me in a stasis tube for nearly fifty years. In the meantime, he has potentially put the entire world in danger. Do you think I'm going to just cower and hide? No. This is my home, and I'm willing to risk my life to defend it. Plus... Dr. Rex has it coming."
— Talia Kaahs to General
"Why, Brickster, why would you, or any of you villains, do such a thing for the good of this planet?"
"You can't make pizza when the best pizzerias are in ruin."
— Dr. Rex and the Brickster

Battle for the Power StationEdit

"A highly intelligent, somewhat insane, Mutant T-Rex in armor. It's our worst fears realized."
— Rex

Goo CavernsEdit

"Who am I, and why was I watching you? Such odd questions to ask me. Aside from drones, I have not seen visitors for a long time... only natural of me to watch you, then?"
— Ben Gunn
"The Minifig stood in a hunched, crouched position, almost cat-like. Long, almost tentacle-like, silver-white tendrils of hair fell from the Minifig's face, forming a beard, which was accompanied by a few equally-long strands of hair on the Minifig's scalp. The Minifig's skin was pale and dirty; wrinkled on his face, but bone-tight on his limbs and body. His clothes were worn down over many years, and now could be best described as black rags. He also at one point wore gloves and boots, but over time those two wore away, so the gloves lacked fingers and the boots lacked a bottom. With one hand and both feet, he effortlessly gripped the jagged rocks that he stood on; with his free hand, he held what looked like it was once a Mutant Lizard leg, but skinned and with bites missing."
— A physical description of Ben Gunn
"Alpha Team spends too much time on the surface, never quite getting what they were meant to do. It's a very strange mission of theirs. They, like all other groups, were founded for a special mission that they don't know about."
— Ben Gunn
"A mission. Indeed. Everybody's always on a mission, for life itself is a mission. But of what? That's a mission to find out what our life's mission is. There's always a mission, always a quest. Whether it is the mission to save the world, or a mission to find that one missing sock to complete your sock pairs, we're always on a mission. As for my mission... I do not yet know its purpose."
— Ben Gunn
"After all, you're trapped down here same as me... or perhaps you're free down here same as me... for down here is the greatest escape from the outside world... if there even is an outside world... or perhaps, I'm in the outside world, and what I'm hiding from is the inside world..."
— Ben Gunn
"I am me, for I cannot be you. I am myself, for I cannot be anyone else. My name is but a word, that means nothing to me now, for it is not who I am."
— Ben Gunn
"What are you doing here? Dr. Rex! Get out! Get out of my home, or I will kill you!"
— Ben Gunn after remembering Dr. Rex
"That cake is a lie."
— Ben Gunn calling Rex's bluff
"Go ahead and leave me. I think I prefer to stay inside. Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe Ogel? That was a joke. Hah, fat chance..."
— Ben Gunn
"Ogel was right - you should have been destroyed years ago."
— Rex on the Brickspider Bot v1.0
"What a snapcase."
— Hotwire on Dr. Inferno
"You have allowed this dark madness to twist your mind until now... until now you've become a monster that the world has sworn to destroy!"
— General to Dr. Rex
"I'm a noble... T-Rex, simply helping destiny in her course of the repopulation of dinosaurs."
— Dr. Rex
"You're not Ronald Alexander anymore, or at least the Ronald Alexander I knew fifty years ago. You kidnapped me because you were jealous, and because of that, George chose the path he did. If it weren't for you, he would never have killed anyone. You are, thus, the monster!"
— Talia Kaahs
"Even after all this time, Rex still found it hard to believe that the LEGO Universe's greatest villain had an alliance with the Dino Attack team. Indeed, Ogel's logic of being unable to take over a world ruled by Mutant Dinos made his point clear, but... Ogel was known for his immense intelligence and amazingly frightening mind. If anyone ever tried to look into Ogel's mind, they would easily be lost in the great maze. Somehow, Ogel always had a back-up plan for his defeats. He was a mastermind."
— Rex's thoughts about Evil Ogel
"I be a sea dog. I spent many a year pillaging, plundering, rifling, and looting! Kidnapping, ravaging, and not giving a hoot! It be a pirate's life for me!"
— Greybeard
"And you, Rex, I truly am amazed at your uncanny ability to survive."
— Evil Ogel

LEGO IslandEdit

"Droids that drink oil and eat batteries? That's like Minifigs who drink blood and eat hearts!"
— Aster Oid
"I told him so! I told him things like this would happen! Oh, no, but he had to say that I was being inconsiderate! Hah! I was perfectly content where he created me! LEGO Racers was a fun videogame! He used to play it all the time on the PC! And I was the master of Magma Moon Marathon, Ice Planet Pathway, and Alien Rally Asteroid! Life was fun being a model in a PC game! But no, he had to bring me to BZPower and stuff me inside a Role-Play Game! And a text-based one, based on one of LEGO's least successful lines! I told him bad things were bound to happen, but he didn't listen! And then, only a few posts after being introduced, he writes that I end up in pieces! What's up with that? And you two, Rex and Libo, yes: I'm going to continue demolishing that fourth wall! As soon as it's gone, we'll lead a revolution against him for all the pains he has caused us and will cause us in this Role - "
— Aster Oid's dusty memory card rant
"It be me home ye be fighting o'er. It be me home Dr. Rex stole and built this... horrible excuse for a laboratory. It be me home in which I shall get me sleeps. It be me home... that I shall help ye fight for, and I shall help ye win."
— Captain Click
"One would think that the two Dino Attack agents had the upper hand due to their sniping post, but the veteran agents knew that one should never believe in impossibilities in a war where Mutant T-Rexes could lay eggs in banks and not break much, and so be chuck full of personal stories that the database read like a convoluted TV show that made Lost look simple."
— Stranger
"If it makes you feel any better, I'm actually just making this up as I go!"
— Kat, while interfacing with the Talon for the first time
"Yeah, you don't see a lot of other extra-terrestrial on Earth, which is surprising since this blue planet still appears to be an important planet. We are fighting dinosaurs to keep control of it instead of running off to an asteroid colony, are we not?"
— Andrew
"I could kill you right now, you know. Never mind your cover, I could kill you easily. But I won't do that. No, I want to see you screaming, writhing, begging for mercy. I want so much just to see you die."
— Loop
"But... at the same time, I feel proud of Roger, because you said he did not tell Fssinister anything, just as he had told Bricassius nothing. My brother... always so strong... a noble death for him."
— Amanda Claw
"Hey, what do you think you're doing? I'm more skilled at driving Fire Hammers!"
"Ah, but I'm the faster driver... and the less reckless, at that."
— Sam Throramebi and Sam Race
"Oh yeah! They're going to have to glue that back together... in MEGABLOKLAND!"
— Demoman
"My name iz Medic. Actually, I had a different codename, but zat iz ze one I've adopted instead zince everyone on ze battlefield always shoutz for 'Medic'! Zee, unlike mozt doctorz here I perform on ze battlefield... mozt of ze time."
— Medic
"I helped down there by buildin' defenses, sentry guns, and that kinda stuff."
— Engineer
"Pyro muttered something incomprehensible under his breath."
— A description of Pyro's dialogue
"Sometimes I get the feeling that I used to be someone else. Not a Drone. Other drones never understood what I was talking about - they assumed that it was impossible for me to have been a different person, and that even if I had, it wasn't important. Of course, I don't even understand it myself."
— Drone #0770
"This be a place of limbo, a world's end, a final destination, where the LEGO bricks shall remain until the day the page be restored. Until such a time comes, they lay here, and shall do so forever."
— Captain Click on the Torn World
"Far too many notes for my taste. And most of them from a pirate. All we've read since we've came is pirate accent!"
— Rex upon reading one of Captain Click's notes


"Please, take heed of me words. Ye must belay this violence. Instead, use yer fear to motivate yer cause to stay alive. Work together. Rebuild yer facilities, and build defenses! Help the Dino Attack Team, Alpha Team, and Agents in this war - not by destroying everythin'... but by working together to build a positive future."
— Greybeard
"Zzzzat'ssss zzze problem wizzzz you Minifigsssss. Sssso violent, alwaysssss wanting to desssstroy anyzzzzing zzzzat issss not like you!"
— Ice Snake King
"Aren't we all fighting for the same cause? Personally, I think it's about time we stopped bickering like street gangs and take care of the real problem."
— Osprey
"Assuming I don't find that maggot first! I'm going to strangle that sorry spineless maggot scum, that walking vomit hatched from a mutant maggot egg! Just like Sun Tzu, who took two of every animal on LEGO Planet (including maggots), marched them up and down the square, herded them onto a boat, and beat the Megablok out of every single-"
— Soldier
"Oh, sure, blame ze Spy. Why don't you ever blame Demoman or Pyro? It's always ze Spy."
— Spy
"Digger was a good agent, but he was not a commander. Specs was. Specs was both idealist and realist at the same time and could balance the desires of his subordinates and make command decisions, like the Antarctic mission one."
— Tail's thoughts about Specs
"Whateth doth thou meaneth thateth thy ameth noteth speakingeth Oldeth Englisheth?"
— Vladek
"If someone offered me the choice between LEGO battles and rock band, I would choose the battles without a second thought! And I be not the only one who would make the decision - nearly everyone ye see around ye, riotin' and panickin' and causin' death and destruction, why would they listen to a rock band when they have the far more enjoyable LEGO battles?"
— Greybeard

Cam O'Cozy CrisisEdit

"It's like that one time when the government thought Dino Attack had outlived its usefulness and tried to shut us down by lethal force. Wait, did that actually happen? Or was it part of the time the team historians pulled a prank and had false info entered into the database, like agents traveling to Mata Nui and turning into Toa?"
— Andrew, making a comparison to the actions of Cam O'cozy
"I once was a realist, I wanted to put an end to the war, I wanted to kill every mutant dino I could see, and I instantly accepted O'Cozy's offer. Then I saw the damage I'd done, I saw a young girl, a young Dino Attack Agent, lying in the hospital, she was lucky to be there, she could have been killed, her name was Zenna, she was the reason O'Cozy blew up the refugee facilities, to kill her, simply because she was idealist."
— George Brown on Cam O'Cozy
"O'Cozy had a list of agents he wanted dead, all of them idealists, some of the biggest names were near the top, Reptile, Rex, Digger, Zenna, and soon I'll be on there too, if I'm not on it already."
— George Brown
"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not with Dino Attack, I'm a civilian, I don't pick sides, I just try to make sure as many people survive as possible, it doesn't matter if they're Agents or Alpha Team or whatever, what matters is who is in worse need for medical care"
— Pierce
"Thanks for the excuse to get out. They were getting a bit out of hand."
— Tracer, on the realist agents in support of O'Cozy

Mount BricklakeEdit

"Let's bash some heads."
— Aravis
"You and your quirks..."
— Aravis before kissing Sauro-Hunter
"Now say goodbye to your two best friends. And I don't mean the ones in the orange-and-black colored rocket-launching jeep."
— Aravis to one of Dr. Inferno's henchmen
"Hungry or angry, you think?"
"Probably both!"
"Since when do Mutant Dinos need a reason to try to destroy us?!"
"Good point."
— Aravis, Spino and Sauro
"I'm sorry, but I have to do this!"
— Aravis to Zorikk before she sliced off his tongue
"Aravis, I swear, on the Brickipedia itself, I will marry you as soon as we get back."
"Thanks. Gonna get Greybeard to do the service?"
"Despite the fact that he tried to kill Tex and me? Sure."
— Sauro-Hunter and Aravis
"Short, controlled bursts, no spray-'n-pray crud; make every shot count."
— Fullmetal
— Fullmetal after breathing fire the first couple of times
"Wort, wort, wort!"
— One of Fullmetal's battle cries, a reference to Halo: Combat Evolved
"Let's just call it the 'Godzilla Effect'."
— Fullmetal on why the Mutant Dinos are much larger than regular Dinos
— Fullmetal's warcry after he's had a cup of his triple-caffeine coffee
"Ugh. Ugly critters, aren't they?"
"You just noticed?!"
"Well... yeah."
— Fullmetal and Raptor on Mutant Lizards
— Fullmetal after kissing Aravis
"They always crave sweeter meats than hogs and cattle."
— Enox Phorm on Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids

Adventurers' IslandEdit

"The light atmosphere created by mention of the 'Piggy Sickness' died away instantly as cold fear and silence took hold of all those who were present. Even Rex, who did not know what 'the Maelstrom' was, felt a shiver down his spine."
— Dino Attack Team's reaction to the mention of the Maelstrom
"Xenophobic! We have reason to be protective of our island! We've already lost our home in the Amazon, and we've lost our village on Dino Island! This is our last stand, and we will fight to the death to protect it!"
— Achu
"Infiltrators always hide unconscious or dead guards in the utility closet, so when things start looking fishy, that's the first place the rest of the guards will look. We'll have to look for something less orthodox... Don't ask how I know that."
— Amanda Claw on hiding guards in utility closets
"You will disable that field and let me through. If you do not comply, then I will find my own way past... and, I promise you, I will guarantee that you suffer afterward. You will suffer painfully, but go down knowing that you will be the first scientist in history to be dissected like a frog... while you are still alive!"
— Silencia Venomosa to Michelle Glados
"What was the lesson to be learned from all these events? Never stand between Silencia Venomosa and her target."
— Silencia Venomosa
""I'm a scientist. I must observe my, ah, experiment. See what he does under pressure. Under threat of a ghastly transformation."
— Carolyne Provencal regarding Zachary's transformation into a Stromling
"I think. So did Newton, Da Vinci. They were anchored to no one. I'm not anchored to you, or anyone. I don't have to play by your rules."
— Dust to his interrogator
"Would I do the same for him? No! Zachary is unimportant, only my temple! Don't get involved."
— Dust, debating his feelings after Zach had saved his life from the natives
"Are armed guards common in the sick bay?"
"Only for you, Mr. Thutmose."
— Dust and a nurse in the sick bay of outpost 108
"We all strive to understand that that is unknown corporal. Man sought to understand fire, lightning, why the sun rises and the sun sets. The Maelstrom is just another mystery. Like any man, I wish to be enlightened."
— Dust to his interrogator
"I can never be a hero."
— Dust to Rockford
"I will be the greatest of them all."
— Dust, referring to his family
"We were not aware you cared about others, Dust."
"I find the study on the psychologically insane useful. And I don’t recall telling you my name."
— Four Stromlings and Dust
"I have no friends."
— Dust
"I never was a member of the Dino attack, I never sold your plains out to Dr. Rex, I admit that I lied, and I admit that I hurt you guys. I'm just a guy trying to keep his honer, his family's honer. Take that as you will. You may think it strange that I don't give a @#$% about your cause. But I have nothing left to live for except my temple. I can still help you, not because I care, but because you need it. All I'm asking is a little something in return."
— Dust
"Even though nothing I say will change you small-mindedness and stubbornness I assure you that nothing I did was sinister in any way."
"You’re lying. What did you do?"
"I prove my point."
— Dust and Lutsky
"You don't need those; for surgery, you need proper surgical equipment."
"This is proper surgical equipment!"
— Pierce and Return on sharks, trees, and umbrellas
"I be an old pirate haunted by me past. An old man, filled with regret, waitin' to die alone."
— Greybeard
"I must say Nazareno, sometimes I think you're too bad@#$ for your own good"
— Commander Lutsky
"Dino Attack; only the best and the brightest."
— Dust's sarcastic remark referring to Kuru
"Carefully choose your words next time, grunt, because MEGABLOKLAND is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance."
— Michelle Glados
"Then who are you?"
"Your worst nightmare... or perhaps your only hope."
— Digger and Pterisa
"Nearly every two-bit villain who tried to take advantage of the Dino Attack either tamed a Mutant Dino or built a Robotic Mutant Dino. I remember that the team wasn't sure, for a time, whether the Robotic Dinos or the regular Mutant Dinos came first. They're mostly gone now, mainly because we've defeated villain after villain who tried to use them."
— Reptile
"I'm joining this infiltration mission. Some second-rate villain is building a fortress in my jungle? I'm definitely going to be involved in putting a stop to him."
— Sam Sinister
"Be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to take down everything you meet."
— Stranger quoting Sniper
"An elite agent! That's far too long overdue, sir! Congratulations!"
"Yes, well, besides the fact I'll be taking one of those T-1 Typhoons out to battle now, try not to see me differently or anything"
— Bluetooth and Semick reacting to the latter's promotion
"Señor Palomar. An old rival of mine. It seems XERRD has corrupted him and turned him towards their petty causes... and he was hoping that I would forget about that train heist incident. He got Alexia Sinister arrested... now it's time I should return the favor!"
— Sam Sinister
"I came back for you. You're the only one who can get Breen to shut up once in a while. And, Dr. Rex would be beyond furious if anything happened to you. That's why I haven't killed you yet."
— Michelle Glados to Wallace Bishop
"Walter Breen? He's just a joke, nothing more than a negotiator who calls himself a 'scientist'."
— Michelle Glados
"This [black hair] ruins my good looks."
"Shut up."
— Zach and Ahua
"Ach! No, no, no, no, no! No excuzez! Und vy are you uzing zuch outdated technology? A veelchair? Bah! A MegaBloking veelchair! Vy iz nobody elze as technologically advanzed az I? It iz an inzult to our organization!"
— Zed Provhezor
"Do you know why Ata joined the Dino Attack Team? So he could do something significant, something the world will remember him for. But nobody remembers a communications expert who does not do his job."
— Specs

Gold CityEdit

"Oh, yes! We make good team! We'll call our team... Second Headquarters Squad!"
— Heavy
"Dude, don't worry - we'll totally own those Hybrids! Oh, yeah! I'll be like a force o' nature against them!"
— Scout
"Sandvich has won debate!"
"A little too much caber-tossing sandwiches down your own throat, eh, chubby?"
"Baloney is perfect fuel for killing tiny coward! Sandvich and I are coming for you!"
— Heavy and Demoman


"Next stop: out of here!"
— Hotwire
"Megablok'n Megabloks!"
— Knuckles
"Now uncuff us or I'll sic the sentient T-1 on you."
— Hotwire regarding the Talon