Single posts by Atton Rand that survived the hacking massacre.

Spilling the Beans (late December 2009)Edit

IC: Gunderson quickly picked up the phone,

"hello' he said, "Daily papers, yes, this is an urgent report from the Dino Attack team, it seems that there's been some cold-adapted mutant dinos in Antarctica, ok by". He quickly put down the phone, "he said they'll have it on the front page of the newspaper immediatly".

"excellent" replied the Elite Agent, "now we'll need to find a way to recall the agents down there, most of them are realists and thus won't co-operate easily".

"if we could make it look like orders" said Zenna

"no" replied the Elite Agent, "they were sent by Specs, if we made it look like orders from him they would get suspicious".

"so what do we do" asked Zenna, "there must be some form of recall code, if we could just figure it out".