The complete Agent Database for players who signed up in the original Dino Attack RPG, from PeabodySam to The CryoMancer and everybody in-between. To view the Agent Database for At War's End, click here.

Please note that these sign-up forms are largely unaltered from their original forms. As such, certain details (such as the ages of characters under 18) may not be considered canon, but are still included for the sake of a complete archive.



Elite Agent Rex

Main Article: Rex

Name: Rex
Age: 27
Skills: Quick, and is quite good at ropes
Vehicle: Iron Predator
Personality: Rex doesn't believe in killing the Mutant Dinos. Instead, he has a strange habit of capturing them - then trying to tame them. So far, he is only good at taming the Mutant Lizards.
Rank: Elite Agent

Kotua in SpaceEdit


Elite Agent Kotua

Main Article: Kotua

Vehicle:Urban Avenger
Rank: Elite Agent


Main Article: Venom

Skills:Hacking computers and doing things without people knowing.
Vehicle:Fire Hammer
Rank: Rookie Agent

Sand Hawk 1Edit

Main Article: Sereve

Codename: Sereve (saer-uh-vay)
Age: 21
Skills: Loves quick vehicles and is a sharp shooter
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Sereve tends to be the slightly annoying one out of missions. In missions, he's lean, mean, dino destroying machine. He's only missed 1 target so far with his Urban Avenger. Though he's a little kooky, he's a great friend and a follower.
Rank: Standard Agent



Standard Agent Kai

Main Article: Kai

Name: Kai
Age: 20
Skills: Precision
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: A champion in air rifle, Kai is able to tar get and shoot at anything, unless it's small and moving... He has the "lone wolf" personality unless something proves too tough for him to take down alone.
Rank: Standard Agent



Standard Agent Hyrode

Main Article: Hyrode

vehicle: fire hammer
skills: vehicle piloting
personality: he got his drivers liscense two years ago, and he's alreay tossing around some of the big names of racing. naturally that makes him cocky and overconfident. yet he is fiercely loyal to his friends and would risk his life for you.
Rank: Standard Agent

The DriverEdit

Main Article: Isaac Craft

Name: Isaac Craft
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Age: 23
Skills: Hand to hand combat, using his blade.
Personality: A strange character, he doesn't use any conventional weapon to take down Dinosaurs. Though he does have a side-arm, he tends to use his sword. A katana, the metal was folded over 200 times. It's one of a kind. Same goes with his vehicle, he rarely uses it. He doesn't trust anyone, only his blade. He doesn't like people intervening in his affairs. You could classify him as a lone-wolf. Fighting the Dinosaurs is the only thing left for him.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Kardas DragonEdit

Main Article: Rev Raptor

Name: Rev Raptor (or as he puts it "Raptor, Rev Raptor")
Age: 19
Skills: Trained for speed and accuracy(going 120mph he can stop on a dime)
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Second youngest member of the team. Very serious at the base but when he's hes in his vechile he won't stop until the missions done because he's having to much fun. Hes also a prodigy and finished Universty with a Doctor's in Science 4 years earlier and is studying a Mutant Lizard.
Rank: Standard Agent


Main Article: Mathias

Age:Early to mid 20's.
Skills:Mechanical design and repair
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter
Personality: Quiet, Listens more than he speaks...but a bit headstrong, still.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Chronicler of Ko-KoroEdit


Elite Agent Databoard

Main Article: Databoard

Name: Databoard.
Age: 31.
Skills: Can fix or build just about anything.
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Calm, even in the face of danger, but on occasion will lose temper.
Rank: Elite Agent

Ace Of Spades?Edit

Main Article: Snake of Spades

Name: Snake
Age: 21
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Skills: Expert Driver and computer hacker
Personality:His mother died when the dinos attacked, so he wants to DESTROY THE DINOSAURS!!!
Rank: Standard Agent


Main Article: Gojira

name: gojira
skills:dino knowledge
vehicle:urban avenger
personality: quick to temper, and dosn't make hasty decisions (unlesed pressed to)
Rank: Rookie Agent

Clone HatEdit

Main Article: Glide

Vehicle:Fire hammer
Personality: Mysterious appearance, quite friendly, seems intimidating to the dinos.
Shadow's suit. Large black hood makes his face hard to see.
Rank: Standard Agent


Name:col. jack o'neill
Skills:O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted airman. Assigned to a special training program for covert operations/infiltration, he was trained in the skills of wilderness survival, special weapons and tactics, assassination, demolition, chemical weapons, the manufacture and detonation of explosives, and is a field expedience specialist.
Vehicle:Fire Hammer
Rank: Rookie Agent

Turient K { Alix }Edit

Main Article: Turahk-Kal

Name: turahk-kal
Age: 21
Vehicle:fire hammer
Personality: likes to go solo
Rank: Standard Agent

Lewa FreakazoidEdit

Main Article: Dromus

Name: Dromus
Age: 24
Skills: Sometimes can talk to animals, and though she is not as good as with the Mutant Dinos, she can do simple phrases like "yes," "no," "maybe," and, "back away now, or I'll kill you.". Caries a long silver chain, which can act like a whip, as her "sign of office."
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Usually loud and boisterous, but when she is tracking down somethink, she can be as silent as though nothing was there.
Rank: Standard Agent


Name: Algernon
Age: 14
Skills: Expert pilot
Vehicle: Firehammer
Personality: Surly, snappy, and pissed at the dinos attacking his planet. He is an expert pilot, and is known for taking down no less then five T-rex and a raptor in his Firehammer. He yearns to pilot the deadly T1-Typhoon, and is confused about the fact that the only airborn vehicle is the slowest. But aside from that, he is an asset to the Dino Attack team that can't be lost.
Rank: Rookie Agent

BZP Noob #30000Edit


Elite Agent Zero

Main Article: Zero

Name: Zero
Age: 20
Skills: Better vison
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Funny
Rank: Elite Agent


Name: Keys
Age: 18
Skills: Talking in dinosaur(lab accident).
Vehicle: T-1 Typhoon
Personality: A prodigy. Got out of college early. Likes to heal Rex's dinos and lizards if they are wounded.
Rank: Rookie Agent

huki beastEdit

Name: Dark Wolf
Age: N/A
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Skill: Good aim.
Personaility: Kept to himself.
Rank: Rookie Agent



Elite Agent Voltage

Main Article: Voltage

Name: Voltage
Age: Twenty-two
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Skill: Stealth
Personality: Normally likes to work alone
Rank: Elite Agent

Spinner MasterEdit

Rank: Rookie Agent

Great Spirit's DiscipleEdit

Name: Ammo
Age: 21
Skills: Skilled with a variety of weapons
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Cheerful, almost never discouraged. Tends to follow, rather than lead.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Orange TentacleEdit

name:"evan gildow"
age: 16 (not my real age)
arm of choice: Dual RCP-90 (high powered SMG in goldeneye 64
explosive of choice: anti tank rocket (hey, if it works on tanks, it works on dinos!)
area: lego city
info: the youngest person in the dino squad, evan usually goes on squad based missions with johnny thunder and such.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: James Beatles (or Jimmy)
Skills:Best in land pilioting working on air
Vehicel: Urban Avenger
Personality: Tries to do the right thing But He's a big scaredy cat, he joined Dino Attack becaus He knew it's the only thing that could keep him safe, and sometimes he's tempermental
Rank: Rookie Agent

Toa Takiah, Toa of SpaceEdit


Standard Agent Louis

Name: Louis "Dryptosaurus"
Age: 17
Skills: Science, paleontology, good with guns.
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter (with cosmotronic ray)
Personality: An extrovert, his friend call him Dryptosaurus, because he is always "leaping" into people's business. Gets mad easily, but is mostly an agreeable person and is always looking for a girlfriend. He is young and small and doesn't like it when people say he is small.
Rank: Standard Agent



Elite Agent Cobra

Main Article: Cobra

Skills:He's good with electronics, tracking, and has good aim.
Vehicle:Fire Hammer
Personality:He's shy, but doesn't mind working as a team.He won't leave a man behind.
Rank: Elite Agent


Name: Hunter
Age: 26
Skills:can single handedly take down a raptor; a predator
Vehicle:Street cycle
Personality:Australian accent; gets ticked off easily
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Farrar
Age: 18
Skills: Unnatural hand-eye coordination
Vehicle: Fire-Hammer
Personality: He's often a good soul, however because of his volatile nature and his taste for chaos, he often ends up hurting his teamates in the process. Despite that, his preferred weapon aside from his vehicle is a chain-gun.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Mountain of HysteriaEdit

Name: Eskay
Age: 21
Skills: Firearms, Feet-Eye Coordination (It helps him in Dance Dance Revolution. JK)
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: A fast tempered guy, always in for the rush which often gets him in trouble.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: GoldEagle
Age: 21
Skills: Computer, Building, Intelligence, Strength
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: .....
Rank: Rookie Agent

Vae VictaeEdit


Standard Agent X

Main Article: Agent X

name:agent x
skills:extremely good at firing and hitting targets,can hit a target square in the center
vehicle:fire hammer
personality:cool,friendly,and gets agitated easily
Rank: Standard Agent



Elite Agent Magma

Main Article: Magma

Ability:Engineering and Technology
Vehicle:Refitted Urban Avenger
Personality:Doesn't like working with other agents because he was Alpha Team, spends a lot of time in a laboratory, and he likes to be busy in a laboratory when not on missions.
Rank: Elite Agent


Elite Agent Reptile

Main Article: Reptile

Name: Reptile
Age: 34
Ability: Engineering and Technology
Vehicle: Iron Predator
Personality: Doesn't like working with other agents, but will when necessary. He spends a lot of time in a laboratory, and he likes to be busy tinkering with things when not on missions.
Rank: Elite Agent

Jackson LakeEdit


Elite Agent Hotwire

Main Article: Hotwire

Name: Hotwire
Age: 22
Skills: Mechanical engineering & electronics
Vehicle: Fire Hammer (outfitted with extra features & devices)
Personality: Practical, but not that good at strategy. Has a droll, sarcastic sense of humor.
Rank: Elite Agent

Metty the Black WizardEdit

Main Article: Slash

Name: Blade
Age: 19
Skills: Expert Sniper and Swordsman.
Vehicle: A yellow Urban Avenger
Personality: Calm, cool, and collective. Blade saw the descrution of Lego Island and how he wants revenge. Blade never leaves home without his White Tiger Blade.
Rank: Standard Agent


Skills:A excellent aim with a rocket launcher
Vehicle:Steel Sprinter
Personality:Has a twisted sense of humor
Rank: Standard Agent

=*Nero X*=Edit

Name: Alex Tage
Age: 11
Skills: crazy driver, makes wepons beond comprehention.
Vehicle:steel sprinter that is black where normaly is tan and is blue where it it is red
Personality: although young, Alex is the warforce of his three man team.
Name: Jet
Name: Dyno
Rank: Rookie Agent

##### BassaiEdit

Name: Nui
Age: 24
Skills: Secretive, on account of being a former Alpha Team agent, can sneak around without being seen
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Secretive, tends to go out on his own to fight dinos
Rank: Rookie Agent

The Late Great QQQQEdit


Standard Agent Nick Lightning

Main Article: Nick Lightning

Name: nick lightning
Age: 18
Skills: nick is skilled with weapons, and vehicles.
Vehicle: urban avenger
Personality: nick's home was destroyed when the dinos attacked, he joined the dino attack team to end the threat of the dinos. he also has a pet raptor (read the johnny thunder rpg.). and is my character from other rpgs.
Rank: Standard Agent


Name: Jacob Coruhn (Or just Coruhn for short)
Age: 23
Skills: Combat, Marksmanship, Driving
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Loyal to friends, Fierce, Enjoys the thrill killing dinos
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: VM
Age: 24
Skills: Driving, Aim, Computers,
Vehicle: Urben Avenger
Personality:Once a resident of Lego City, now, VM is a fearless fighter working for Dino Attack, helping to defend his beloved city. While memories of his friends and family make him sad, he always keeps calm in the heat of battle.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Skills:Stealth,trap master,Dino wrangler,and can pack a terribly painful punch.
Vehicle:Fire hammer
Personality:Is a great freind.Get's very angry and silent when A dino comes.Is slik and cool,a perfect Dinosaur hunter.Mess with him,he will throw you off a cliff,hard........
Rank: Rookie Agent


Main Article: Silver

Name: Silver
Age: 18
Skills: Sniping, driving, and researching.
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Wants to figure out where the dinosaurs come from and what mutated them. Whenever possible, he tries to study them. Silver is always on the hunt for clues to their origin. He is trying to use data he finds to make a way to bring back other extinct animals and endangered species, with limited secuess. He has a sniper rifle, but it is pretty much useless against the dinos tough skin. Instead, he uses a cosmotronic blaster for sniping purposes.
Rank: Standard Agent

Joey245: Toa of GravityEdit

Name: Blazer
Age: 15
Skills: Dead aim with the Xenon MultiLauncher
Vehicle:Fire Hammer
Personality:The youngest of the group, Blazer is incredibly skilled for his age. His dead aim with the Xenon MultiLauncher has made him a valuable part of the team.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Canama
Age: 10
Skills: Intellegence, technology
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Doesn't let his young age stop him. Sometimes captures and tames dinos, but when nessecary, kills them.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Cookieo
Age: 7
Skills: intellegence, technology
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Doesn't let his young age stop him. Sometimes captures and tames dinos, but when nessecary, kills them.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Thin JimmyEdit

Name: Agent 393
Age: 10
Skills: Has an invisibility blanket to conceal himself from the dinosaurs.
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: Agent 393 is one of the most mysterious agents on the force. He knows a lot more than he's telling. He is also the youngest agent.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: blade
Age: 30
Skills:good at traping dinos and technolagy
Vehicle:urban avenger
Personality:cool clam and collective
Rank: Rookie Agent

Ultima Lucky Bionicle Prime KingEdit

Skills:Attack,defence and intelligence.
Vehicle:Urban Avenger.
Persornality:Freindly,Good and smart.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Pomer{Point Man}Edit

Name:jack Khonns
Skills:weapons expert,expert hunter
Vehicle:rarely uses vehicles, but drives an urban avenger
Personality: was trapped in a small town run down by dinos, so is pretty serious from having to fend off dinos for 2 years(and easily frustraited.Having to fend off dinos has made him into an expet hunter,and tracker(also a expert marksman), he knows how a dinos mind works.His greatest enemy is the raptor, the fact that it is smart, cunning and an expert hunter makes him full of envy.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Lion
Age: 19
Skills: Technology and one of the mechanics
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Serious and hates jokes.
Rank: Rookie Agent

jr picklesEdit

name pickles
agent a elite
personality loves tecknolagy has have the great Knowlage also got early start on driveing
of dinos
age 10
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Jordan
Age: 15
Skills:explosives speed TNT DYNAMITE (you get the idea)
Vehicle:Fire hammer
Personality:got badly injured when it first started and seeks revenge now
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Alpha
Age: 23
Skills: Great at aiming, quick
Vehicle: Fire hammer
Personality: the quiet type, his family was killed by the dinos, and hes trying to avenge them.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Nick Toa Of The GuitarEdit

Name: Hammer
Age: 30
Skills: Can pick up aomething twice his weight and i very good person of thinking up plans
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personilty: Easily tempered, but he likes to be alone because he was a orphan he never knew his parnets because he was found at the front of the orphanage with a note saying : save him
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Spark(real name Jake Hunter).
Age: 21
Skills: Buliding, driving
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Likes to tinker with things, and so he took an Urban Avenger and made it faster. Sarcastic and reckless. Loves action.
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Zap
Age: 24
Skills: Martial Arts, Heavy Gunning
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Hotheaded
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Pilot (that's his nickname, his real name is unknown)
Age: 28
Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, is also skilled with a sword. Owns a weapon kind of like a lightsaber, but not quite as lethal.
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter
Personality: Rather ambitious. Everyone was surprised by his vehicle of choice, but he had his reasons. He upgraded his SS (Steel Sprinter) quite a bit, adding a windshield, better communication systems and a better computer system. Now his SS doesn't look much like and SS, but more like a miniture rocket ship with wheels. He doesn't really trust anyone or anything, except his sword and himself. Quiet and prefers to be by himself.
Rank: Rookie Agent


name: shane
age 19
skills: sharpshooting
vehicle: steel sprinter
personality: hes an outsider to the group. his family died in the dino attack invasion, he joined the squad a day after. although is selfish and cruel and has a high temper,he will help his team mates if there hurt.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Enrys-Red LanternEdit

Name: Gargan
Skills: Asian sword fighter
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Gargan is cool, calm and collected in any situation. Whenever he is fighting mutant lizards, he likes to have fun and fight them with his sword. His face is covered with a samurai helmet, and a cloth pulled over his mouth and nose. He is garbed is lightweight samurai armor, with dragon wings sprouting from his back.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Atton RandEdit


Elite Agent Zenna

Main Article: Zenna

Name: Zenna
Age: 23
Skills: Excellent with a gun, she can even hit a moving target easily and hold off more than 42 dinos alone, though with help she can do it faster, skilled pilot (although she dosen't yet own an air vehicle, but uses one once in a while)
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality: She is always willing to help a fellow team member
Rank: Elite Agent


Name: Jax
Age: 13
Skills: Martial arts, a fairly good gunslinger. He's not exactly the man you turn to when you need an equation solved.
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Quirky and fun-loving, but during battles he has shown a strong solemnity for his work.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Vamprah9588- Omega of FireEdit

Age:1,589(mutated age)
Skills:super fast on surface
Vehicle:urban avenger
Personality:advanced mental abilitys(including age)
Rank: Rookie Agent


Main Article: Apollo

Name: Apollo
Age: 18
Skills: Manufacturing traps and Hi-Tech equipment, and is also very fast.His battle skills are somewhat limited.
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Very quiet, is very concentrated on his work, if he does communicate, he uses sign-language.
Rank: Standard Agent

Toa TanakEdit


Standard Agent Alpha

Main Article: Alpha

Skills:Extreme Speed and great at managing weapons.
Vehicle:Urban Avenger
Personality:Calm,patient,and collected.
Rank: Standard Agent



Standard Agent Sauro-Hunter

Main Article: Fullmetal

Age: 19
Vehicle: Customized Urban Avenger
Skills: Archery (Sauro-Hunter can hit a small Mutant in the darkness of a full eclipse), can wield a sword better than a Knight
Background/Personality: Sauro-Hunter is cold and calculating at times but warm and friendly at other times. He is a new DAA recruit and has proved himself to be a good fighter. He is skilled with a sword and uses one in close quarters combat. Along with a sword, Sauro-Hunter uses a Personal Energy Shield (PES); the shield generator can be latched onto his arm and deployed with a flick of the wrist. He uses a specialized longbow and arrows (diamond-tipped and hollow, once stuck inside a target, the arrow deploys a venom that will neuturalize the target swiftly and painlessly). He is half dragon and half minifigure, and has inherited the trait to breath fire (though he rarely uses it) from his mother (a dragon in minifigure form). Sauro-Hunter is known to go berserk when battling Pteranodons, due to the fact that they made up the main body of the strike force that attacked his hometown. He has tamed a baby Tyrannosaur named Tex. Tex is very loyal to her "father" because of imprinting.
Rank: Standard Agent


Name: Kartyl
Age: 19
Skills: Kartyl has a great aim with a gun, and is incredibly intelligent.
Vehicle: None
Personality/Background: Kartyl is cheerful and willing to help out a lot. He is able to keep calm in difficult situations. He joined Dino Attack when he was 18. He hasn't done much since then, just acted as assistants to various Dino Attack Agents. He is working in a lab in lego city.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Enter FishstickEdit


Standard Agent Zyra

Main Article: Zyra

Name: Zyra
Age: 18
Skills: Quite intelligent, he's not the best at sprinting but he has high stamina, he is also a good shot
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Intelligent and annoying
Rank: Standard Agent

imperial officerEdit


Standard Agent David Norman

Main Article: David Norman

Name: Professor David Norman
Age: 37
Skills: Can work out how to operate very complicated machinery, can also make complicated sums &
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Personality/Background: Born in Britain in 1973, David was educated at Camberidge University. By the age of 19 he could work a supercomputer. He disigned the Buisness Inc. Building, before emigrating to Lego City. He has a lab there. Before the Dino Attack he appplied for a job as a Rock Raider. But the Dinos attacked then. David was recruted to the ranks of the DAA. He met Zyra there, and they are good friends. But he was then briefed to check up on Zyra, Zenna, Elizabeth and Alpha on Castle Island.
Rank: Standard Agent



Standard Agent B

Main Article: B

Name: B.
Age: 23
Skills: Computer and vehicle expert.
Vehicle: Fire Hammer.
Personality: Sarcastic, but loves to make lots of jokes, especially while fighting Dinosaurs.
Background: No one knows. He won't say.
Rank: Standard Agent

John BlueheartEdit


Standard Agent Epsilon

Main Article: Epsilon

Name: Epsilon (epp-see-lonn)
Age: 37
Skills: heavy weaponry and long-range motion shooting
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality/Background: When Jack entered the trainee for Dino Attack, he was the fifth person to join that year, so was nickname "epsilon" as the fifth letter in the Greek alphabet. Before joining, Epsilon enjoyed shooting clay pigeons and game. If you insult Epsilon about him and his family enough, you will end up with a knife next to you throat.
Rank: Standard Agent



Elite Agent Andrew

Main Article: Andrew

Name: Andrew
Age: 18
Skills: Remeberance, building, very flexible
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter
Personality/Background: A citizen of Lego Island, Andrew initally evacuated with everyone to Antactica, but eventually worked up the coverage to join the team. He has read the accounts of the team thus far and is very knoweglable about the history, and is quick to mention something that relates to the current situation.
Rank: Elite Agent


Name: Fox
Age: 27
Skills: Agile, a great sharpshooter
Vehicle: Iron Predator
Personality: he fights dinos mainly just to take them to his lab and to turn them into humans, (read more below) with exception of T-rexes, which he as his own (very secret) blaster where he keeps his two serum pistols and other devices
Backround: he was drafted by the ODH (official dino hunters) but he faked being killed and is no longer alive to them, so he captures dinos and takes them to his secret lab, where he as conjured a serum which will turn dinos into humans (and now has over 100 recruits carrying "serum guns" which contain the serum to recruit more "dinos") but when he fights he likes to fight alone to two "serum pistols" and is devolping a serum to turn humans into dinos (although no one knows why..........................................)
Rank: Rookie Agent


Name: Crashdown
Age: 19
Skills: Stealth, Computer Hacking, makes a mean sandwich
Personality: Rather smart, witty, but sometimes annoying. (Think Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG)
Vehicle: Fire Hammer
Background: Citizen of Sandy Bay before the attack. Hates the cold and prefers the warm, which is partially why he joined the Dino Attack team, that and to reclaim his home town.
Rank: Standard Agent

Toa LingEdit

Main Article: Duke

Skills: Weapons expert
Vehicle:steel sprinter
Personality:Vitrually calm at all times when not he is beserk
Background:Alpha-Team agent sent to help dino attack.
Rank: Standard Agent

Main Article: Joe Harry

Name: Joe Harry
Skills: Marksman
Vehicle: I dont really need this.
Personality: Freindly and reckless
Background: Once a ordinary hunter in the wilderness until the mutant dinosaur's appeared and almost killed him after that he joined dino attack team to fight agianst the dinosuar's but discovered they were enslaved so he instead gave up his hope's of revenge and replace his bullet's with tranquilzer dart's so that he would not need to kill the dinosuars.
Rank: Standard Agent



Rookie Agent Marco

Main Article: Marco

Name: Marco
Age: 22
Skills: Medium weapons and wilderness survival.
Vehicle: Ummm....none?
Personality: Sort of a know it all, cheerful most of the time, but can get grim while in battle.
Background: Raised in some of the harshest terrain in Viking's Isle, Marco inherited his fathers roguish attitude, and his near inexhaustible will to survive. However, he also has a tactical mind allowing him to make his weight felt in any battle, whatever the odds. He joined up with Dino Attack after his home town was destroyed by Mutant Dinos. Just barely passing the final test, he just finished basic training.
Idealist or Realist: Realist
Rank: Rookie Agent

Clone Commander CodyEdit

Skills:Sharpshooting, electronics, mechanics
Vehicle:Steel Sprinter
Personality:Ready to fight at any time
Background:When the Dino's arrived, he and a few others hid out in a secret bunker. Now they have disembarked to go back out onto the Earth.
Rank: Standard Agent

that guy from that showEdit


Standard Agent Dust

Main Article: Dust

Name: Dust
Age: unknown estimated to be around 27
Skills: Dust is Sly, Smart, and Mysteries. He is not trusted by the rest of the team but has proven to be very tough and have high endurance.
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter.
Personality: Dust never oafishly joined the team, he just blew in one day without a word. Little is known about his past but it is known that he came from Egypt. Dust is cold and it would seem as if he does not care about anything; not the team or the Dinos. Because of this he is resented by the rest of the team. If Dust can be trusted remains unknown.
Rank: Standard Agent

Brikman McStudzEdit


Standard Agent Zachary

Main Article: Zachary Virchaus

Name: Zachary (Zach, preferably)
Age: 19
Skills: Building, Technology, Excellent shooter
Vehicle: Urban Avenger
Personality: Fun, happy guy. He'll be serious when the time comes, but other times, he won't take the situation seriously, which can be a downfall.
Background: Zach was born in the Midwest in the United States, but moved to LEGO Island at the age of two and grow up under the Infomanaic's care. He had lived on LEGO Island ever since, hanging out with friends. He often traveled everywhere. At the time of Mutant Dino invasion, Zach was rescued by evacuation crews and sent to Antarctica, until recently. Now he has officially joined Dino Attack and is heading out now to stop the Mutant Dinos. Formally an Agent before resigning and joining the DA.
Rank: Standard Agent


Name: Clark Deadworth
Age: 50
Skills: Stealth and weaponry.
Vehicle: What ever vehicle he can find.
Personality: Smart, fast-thinking, sometimes rather arrogant.
Background: He trained to be a ninja, he knows a lot about stealth. He learned to be good with every single weapon he came across until the dinos came. He had a job at a restaurant at the age of 20. He retired at the age of 35. But, he is forced to join the DA as the mutants spread at the age of 50.
Rank: Rookie Agent

Toa Zehvor KpikEdit

Name: Thomas Craft
Age: 28
Skills: Explosives and tactics
Vehicle: Steel Sprinter
Personality and Background: Tom is probably one of the most kind, helping, and handy guy around, ever since he first heard about it, he's been training to be part of the DA. He spent most of his time learning about the various species of mutant Dinos, not to mention all of the regular ones, which he wants to help the most. Right now, he is probably stalking a mutant Dino, ready to exterminate it.
Rank: Rookie Agent



Standard Agent Kuru

Main Article: Kuru

Skills:Spying and sneaking around
Vehicle:Steel Sprinter
Personality:Quite devious and only help other people or do things if commanded or wants too
Background:Became a Rookie Agent because of his spying, sneakyness , and hacking
Rank: Standard Agent



Standard Agent Doctor Cyborg

Main Article: Dr. Cyborg

name: Docter Cyborg
age: 29
skills: anything to do with tech!
vehicle: Iron Predator
Personality: kind, usually wrapped up in lab work
Background: He is currently trying to reactivate his memories that were copied onto laser disks when he was found injured, with the radio-sig of a Mutant Raptor near him.
Rank: Standard Agent

The CryoMancerEdit

Name: Tesh Carrey
Age: 24
Skills: Sword Fighting, engineering,
Vehicle: Street sprinter
Personality: Sarcastic and determined, always cracks a joke, usually at someone else's expense
Bio: A minifig with background in Exo-Force, he joined the Dino Attack team to keep in practice after the robot threat was defeated
Rank: Standard Agent